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Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Congrats on your new piercing, below are a few things you need to consider to get the piercing healed as soon as possible.
Do not touch fresh piercing with unwashed hands, this is the most vital part of the healing process, so, no touching!
There are various ways of tending to a new piercing. Here is one that we find works well and is very accessible to all:
    Mix 1/4 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt or sea salt with 200 ml boiled water, allow to cool slightly, and then apply to fresh piercing with clean gauze/paper towel. Avoid cotton wool and Q-tips as they can leave behind fibers on the wound. Gently remove and wipe away any crusty formations from the piercing site, and rinse the area with the remaining saline solution.
      Pierced areas tend to swell after treatment. The jewellery that was used for the piercing will be oversized to accommodate this. Get in contact with us right away if the pierced area becomes too tight.
        Check any screw-on attachments for tightness daily.
          Do not rotate or agitate the piercing jewellery unnecessarily.
            Stay away from swimming pools, hot tubs, etc.

              Avoid contact with make-up, tanning products, hair dye, etc.




              Use only 316L stainless steel, titanium, niobium or 14k gold in your piercings. Avoid low quality metals from eBay and chain stores.

              Healing times will vary so be patient and diligent in your aftercare. Ignoring this will stretch out and delay the healing process.


                Concerning oral piercings:

                Extra care should be taken to reduce swelling on lip, cheek and tongue. Putting an ice cube in the mouth can help reduce swelling for the crucial 48 hour post-piercing time frame. Taking ibuprofen (provided that you are not allergic) every 6 hours or as directed on pack will help with swelling. After smoking or eating rinse thoroughly with non-alcoholic mouthwash such as Corsodyl.

                  Every piercing is a journey to full healing so patience is needed.

                  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any issues.


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